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adCAPTCHA serves as a robust defense mechanism against spam and abuse, safeguarding your website with challenges that strike a balance between being easy for humans to solve and challenging for automated bots. What sets adCAPTCHA apart is its innovative approach, leveraging your own media resources to craft these challenges. This not only ensures effective protection but also seamlessly integrates into your website, maintaining a smooth user experience without diverting attention from your brand.

One of adCAPTCHA’s notable features is its commitment to privacy and data protection. It operates without the use of cookies and refrains from collecting any personal information. This dedication to user privacy aligns with GDPR compliance, offering reassurance to both website owners and users alike.

Moreover, the implementation of adCAPTCHA is designed with performance in mind. It doesn’t introduce unnecessary delays or slowdowns to your site, ensuring that the user experience remains swift and efficient. By striking this balance between security, user experience, and data protection, adCAPTCHA emerges as a valuable tool for fortifying your website against unwanted spam and abuse without compromising on the integrity of your brand.

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Privacy Notices

adCAPTCHA adheres to GDPR regulations.

This plugin intentionally avoids the use of cookies, refrains from tracking users, storing personal data, or engaging with unnecessary external services during the verification process.

During verification, the adCAPTCHA service may briefly receive the user’s IP address and browser vendor data to safeguard enabled pages. However, it promptly discards this information after verification and does not retain any data. Importantly, none of the information utilized for verification enables adCAPTCHA to identify individual users.

Privacy Policy.


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  1. Install the adCAPTCHA plugin from within WordPress or upload the adcaptcha folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin (Plugins > Installed Plugins)
  3. Configure adCAPTCHA by visiting adCAPTCHA settings (Settings > adCAPTCHA)
  4. Enter your API Key and Placement ID

For more information, visit the adCAPTCHA Documentation


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Contributors & Developers

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  • New: adCAPTCHA Plugin Published


  • Minor patch: update plugin assets


  • Minor patch: changed plugin name


  • Minor patch: update to stable plugin tag version


  • Feature: add plugin location selection in setting


  • Minor patch: Fixed ContactForm7 not showing captcha on custom submit button


  • Minor patch: Fix to cf7 and hubspot with adCAPTCHA compatibility


  • Minor patch: Fix to cf7 error message


  • Feature: Support for Ninja Forms
  • Feature: Support for WPForms
  • Test: WordPress v6.5.2


  • Update readme documentation


  • Minor patch: Plugin update to be compatible with PHP 8.2