Photo Video Link Gallery – Images Gallery, YouTube Video Gallery, Light-box Gallery


Create & design various types of stunning image, video, link gallery using WordPress plugin. Apply animation and transition effect on photo galleries to give an attractive look to your photo and video galleries on your website.

If you are looking for a perfect photo and video gallery plugin, then photo and video link gallery is the best choice.

Using [PGP id=123] shortcode, you can publish gallery in any Page or Post in your WordPress sites.

Plugin Demo: Gallery Free Demo

Plugin Features

  • Multiple Image Uploader
  • Multiple Shortcode
  • Transition Effect
  • Four Animation Effect
  • Responsive Gallery Plugin
  • Two & Three Column Layout
  • Background Color Option
  • Various Font Style
  • Lightbox Preview
  • Custom CSS Option
  • Video Gallery
  • External Link
  • Hide/Show Gallery Title and Label
  • Unique Settings for Each Gallery
  • Shortcode Button On Post or Page
  • Drag and Drop Image Position

Photo Video Link Gallery Pro Features

A Perfect Responsive Photo Video Link Gallery Plugin for WordPress where you are able to Display your WordPress content like Photo, Video, Link, Image etc in Gallery format With CSS3 Hover Animation & Display With Lightbox.

  • ** Multiple Image Uploader** – You can upload multiple images simultaneously

  • ** Multiple Shortcode** – Get rid of traditional one shortcode one page options, put as many shortcodes as you want on a single page/post.

  • ** Transition Effect** – State of the are transition effects for smoother visual effects.

  • ** 19 Hover Animation Effect** – Try animating your images to generate more user engagement

  • ** Responsive Gallery Plugin** – Tried and tested on multiple devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc) and multiple screen sizes for 100% responsiveness.

  • ** Two & Three Column Layout** – Decide how many images or videos you want in a single column.

  • ** Background Color Option** – Have some amazing idea for how color scheme of your plugin should like? Here is the solution.

  • ** 500+ Google Fonts Style** – Choose among many available font styles and see which suits better with your gallery.

  • ** Lightbox Preview** – Click to see any image much better and larger.

  • ** Custom CSS Option** – Want to customize your plugin to your choices, try adding additional CSS.

  • ** Video Gallery** – Because images are too classy and traditional.

  • ** External Link** – Link back your images/videos to any external website in case of traffic diversion.

  • ** Hide/Show Gallery Title and Label** – Choose whether you want to show or hide Gallery title

  • ** Unique Settings for Each Gallery** – Individual setting panel for each gallery to make them look apart.

  • ** Shortcode Button On Post or Page** – No need to do the hard work, just click shortcode button through page/post options panel.

  • ** Drag and Drop Image Position** – Drag n drop images within the gallery to give image gallery new formation.

Live Demos

Gallery Transition Animations Demo

Try Plguin AS An Admin

Plugin has extreme admin dashboard panel. Plugin settings is very easy and user friendly.With Multiple Image Uploader you are easily add multiple images in seconds

We Need Your Support

It is really hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without motivation from users like you. If you are enjoying using our photo and video link gallery plugin and find it useful, then please consider giving us your positive review on this plugin which will motivate us to perform more better and will help us develop our future products according to your needs.


  • Gallery Preview on Site
  • Gallery Full Preview
  • Gallery Image Preview Light Box
  • Add Images into Gallery
  • Gallery Settings


  1. Upload the entire photo-gallery-plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress admin.
  3. Create new gallery, Use [PGP id=123] shortcode to publish your gallery into any page or post.


Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue.


جوان 28, 2017
I was keep searching the pluggin that have some files not so mnay includes this that folders so I could customize it as per my need. This gallery have small code and aschived much using the small code. The basic problem with pluggins is that from samll work they wrote lot of code and lot of files creared and that slow down the site. Thank you for your great work. Thanks Raju
October 3, 2016
Great plugin! tested with 4.6.1 and works fine,only 1 thing that can be improved is the fact that i cant get 3 pictures next to eachother(also changed the settings but 2 is 1 and 3 is 2 pics next to eachother) But still give you guys 5 stars 🙂 cause he works very easy and fast. Best Regards, Michel
سبتمبر 3, 2016
Would be nice if there was a basic feature to incorporate a video gallery like there is for an image gallery. Shouldn't have to upgrade to pro just to have a basic video feature.
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Contributors & Developers

“Photo Video Link Gallery – Images Gallery, YouTube Video Gallery, Light-box Gallery” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



For more information, see Weblizar(


* Minor Fix.


* Font awesome library update.
* Minor Fix.


* Bootstrap library update.
* minor layout changes.


* Grid layout issue fixed.
* Minor bug fixes and WordPress 5.3 compatible.


* Fixed: grid issue.


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.2.3
– Updated: bootstrap library.
– Updated: font awesome library.
– updated: Nonce and permission check.


  • Version updated + compatible with WordPress 5.2.1
  • Pro banner added.
  • Readme file updated
  • Bug fixed related to nav menu.


  • Version updated + compatible with WordPress 5.1.1
  • Bug fixed related to jQuery.


  • Version updated + compatible with WordPress 5.1
  • metabox settings updated


  • Version updated + compatible to WordPress 5.0.3
  • help and support file updated
  • Added pgp-custom.css file


  • Read me text update + compatible to WordPress 4.9.8


  • Add Upgrade to Pro Banner

1.6.0 weblizar other plugin compatibility fixed

1.5.9 Modify Custom CSS editor fix

1.5.8 version update

1.5.7 bug fixed

1.5.6 version update + Modify Basic Font Family + Modify Custom CSS editor + Update Bootstrap 4.0.1 + Update Font-awesome Family 5.0.8 + Update Our product tab + Update Delete All Button

1.5.6 version update + Modify Basic Font Family + Modify Custom CSS editor + Update Bootstrap 4.0.1 + Update Font-awesome Family 5.0.8 + Update Our product tab + Update Delete All Button

1.5.5 version update + compatible to WordPress 4.9.5 + product page added

1.5.4 version update + compatible to WordPress 4.9.4

1.5.2 version update + compatible to WordPress 4.9.2 + Add new setting (No Hover Effect On Image)

1.5.1 version update + compatible to WordPress 4.9.1

1.5.0 version update + compatible upto WordPress 4.9

1.4.15 version update

1.4.14 version update

1.4.13 version update + compatible upto WordPress 4.8.2

1.4.12 version update

1.4.11 version update + compatible upto WordPress 4.8.1

1.4.10 version update

1.4.9 version update + compatibility test with latest version

1.4.8 version update only

1.4.7 version update only

1.4.6 version update only

1.4.5 compatible upto WordPress 4.7

1.4.4 – update

1.4.3 =
* gallery repeat bug fix


  • update

Version 1.4.1 10/10/2016

  • Plugin Version updates

Version 1.3.9 16/09/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.8 24/08/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.7 14/07/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.6 27/06/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.5 13/06/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.4 16/05/2016

  • small updates

Version 1.3.3 02/04/2016

  • some small updates

Version 1.3.2 09-March-2016

  • some data updates

Version 1.3.1 27-Jan-2016

  • Sanitized all posted data
  • Escaping all output data

Version 1.3 16-Jan-2016

  • Small Update

Version 1.2 28-12-2015

  • Small Update

Version 1.1 01-09-2015

  • Add New Transition Effect.
  • Add Multiple Colour Picker for Hover Effect.
  • Add Masonry Effect for Gallery.

Version 1.0 08-05-2015

  • This is first and basic version of gallery plugin.