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WP Ultimate Review is the compact review plugin that allows you to collect social proof for your WordPress website. Now, gaining your visitors’ trust and building your brand is possible in no time and without slowing down your website.

The developers have designed the WP Ultimate Review plugin as the best solution to minimize your struggle to promote the quality of your services. You can show reviews and ratings in different styles on pages and posts with this WordPress product review plugin. This efficient service review plugin also allows you to respond to your customer reviews or feedback quickly. Moreover, there are also options to customize the global, and criteria settings, setting reCAPTCHA, and many more to the website.

Having good products is not enough, people look for product reviews and ratings before purchasing a product. The WP Ultimate Review plugin receives customers’ experiences with your products and assists you in arranging reviews on your website. Now, the site visitors easily get ideas and make decisions about whether or not to buy from you.

Our WordPress review plugin empowers websites like GetNinjas, Daraz Life, Air India Express, etc. Check the features of the rating plugin and install it easily. It will help you to display the demand for your product; increase engagement, and sales with trust.

💪 Benefits of Using WP Ultimate Review Plugin

👉 Allow visitors to submit reviews & ratings easily.
👉 Insert your review criteria based on your product or service.
👉 Assign global reviews on your blog, page, post, WooCommerce products, CPT, etc.
👉 Display reviews anywhere on the WordPress website with shortcodes.
👉 Design modern list-style reviews.
👉 Give a professional look at the rating summary.
👉 Ships with a range of customization options.
👉 Control Review Display with Smart Conditions.
👉 Show or hide elements such as names or titles in the review design.
👉 Provide various review graphs and input score styles.

✨ Easy Review Submission

Collect your customer or user reviews effortlessly on your WordPress website with WP Ultimate Review to enhance your website’s credibility. This plugin enables an interactive review form to let users or visitors leave ratings, comments, and feedback on your products, services, or content. And, you can easily manage the location of reviews to convince your potential customers at the right time.

✨ Customize Review Styles

Take the chance of showcasing your customer reviews as strong social proof by aligning with your brand style. Along with organizing your customer review in a trendy list style, you can customize the appearance of customer feedback with various styling options like color, styles, and layouts.

Plus, you have control over every element of the customer review template like title, name, ratings, review graph styles, review score input styles, etc.

✨ Apply Smart Conditions

With our WordPress review plugin, you can set smart conditions to control your customer feedback. You can determine which users or customer groups can submit reviews and how many reviews you want to display on a page or post. And, once someone submits a review you can enable the admin approval option to avoid any spammy or irrelevant reviews.


Our review plugin is packed with powerful features. We have made it easy for you to collect and manage customer reviews like a pro.

**WP Review Settings Features**

Global settings

The global settings option of a review plugin encompasses a range of customizable options. It helps you to tailor the plugin’s behavior and appearance to your website’s specific needs. Some options you will get under the settings are:

🔷 Enable User review: Allow your user to add/submit a review on a post or page.

🔷 Enable Author review: Let the post or page author showcase a review/rating.

🔷 Restrict to Registered users only: Allow reviewing to only registered users.

🔷 Require Admin approval: Set the admin approval function before publishing a review.

🔷 Enable Author average: Show author or user average rating, such as – (4.5 out of 5).

🔷 Enable User average: Control the number of user reviews per post by IP address, email, and browser.

🔷 Per Post user review limit: Available with various review graph styles.

🔷 Per Post user review limit by: Define the minimum review score.

🔷 Review Graph style: Select a pre-made review graph style.

🔷 Review Score limit: Define the review score for your product or service.

🔷 Review Score input style: Get different review score input styles.

🔷 Send to Administrator email: Toggle this button to notify administration with an email after users submit a review.

🔷 Send to Author email: Send an email to the page or post the author to inform about a review submission.


You can enter different review criteria based on your product, services, page or post.
🔷 Product Criteria: Write criteria like Product Quality, Ease of Use, Fulfilement, Services, etc.

🔷 Page/Post Criteria: According to your content you can put criteria for a post or page like Informative, Helpful, Educative, etc.

Display Settings

To You can arrange the reviews to display beautifully using the option. The customization options available are :

🔷 Enable Review For: Select web locations where you want to show the review.

🔷 Review Location: Set the review layout location before or after content or anywhere on the page.

🔷 Display Review with Comments: Enable this option to enable users to give feedback.

🔷 Review Shown Per Page: Adjust the number of reviews on a single page.

🔷 Review Form Settings: Hide or display different elements of a review form like rating, title, name, email, etc.

🔷 Review Display Layout: Control different elements for displaying a review.

🔷 Average Rating Text: Show a text to emphasize the average rating.

🔷 Show Rating Text If: Set a condition for when to show the average rating text.

reCaptcha (Pro)

reCaptcha protects websites from spam and abuse. So, this is an option to help you verify that the submitted review or feedback is provided by a real person and not a computer program.

Contributors & Developers

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> WP ultimate review menu
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


How to use WP Ultimate Review?
Login to your WordPress dashboard, From the left menu click the WP Ultimate Review icon.

Will the plugin slow down the website?
No. WP Ultimate Review plugin is a well-coded, fast, and efficient tool. The developers do best practices of WordPress, and all our plugins are superfast.

How can I manage my reviews?
You can manage your reviews from the all reviews section of the plugin. There are options to approve, edit, and delete the reviews. In the settings section, you can customize the things to present your reviews based on your wishes.


ماي 4, 2023 2 replies
I really like how this plugin works and solves some review issues we had. However the plugin had no captcha options. So we get daily spam reviews from bots. I have been asking multiple times in 1.5 years for a captcha integration but the devs do not seem to care. I also noticed you can edit a review, just not the score. I asked if this could be changed. I was told this would be implemented in next update. Which ws said to me almost a year ago now.Such a shame, i could have used this on many sites and would gladly pay for a pro version. For now it seems we have to let go and find another solution.The devs are now on our blacklist. We will not buy anything from these devs cause they are careless.
فيڥري 24, 2023
Average review plugin, It does display reviews but no where near what I need unfortunately.
October 24, 2022 6 replies
When you enter the administrative panel, you can not click on any section and the parasha music anthem of Ukraine starts playing. I thought that they put some malicious code in there. Removed it completely and installed a new one, nothing changed. There is nothing in the database of the data plugin, I thought there was something there. I had to send this plugin to the trash
مارس 15, 2022
They gave me the latest plugin update that can solve a bug I found. As I couldn’t wait for them to release the update on the platform, the sent me the updated plugin personally. Thanks.
فيڥري 7, 2022
Really good plugin. It does everything I needed, it’s very easy and the support is really good, I did get a response almost instant. I’m really happy with this plugin!
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Contributors & Developers

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“WP Ultimate Review” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Version 2.3.3// 2024-06-23
-Improved: Admin UI

Version 2.3.2// 2024-03-17
-Improved: Security of IP address-based review limit feature
-Fixed: Review submission message issue

Version 2.3.1// 2024-03-12
-Fixed: Admin settings security issue

Version 2.3.0// 2024-03-10
-Fixed: Private and password protected posts review security issue
-Fixed: Rating score limit vulnerability
-Fixed: Review criteria settings vulnerability
-Fixed: Review pagination issue
-Fixed: Compatibility issue with WordPress 6.4
-Improved: Security

Version 2.2.5 // 2023-10-25
-Improved: Display settings section
-Fixed: Review style not showing according to global settings
-Fixed: Description issue

Version 2.2.4 // 2023-07-24
-Added: Review score edit option
-Fixed: Review form not showing for first activation
-Fixed: Admin area UI issue
-Fixed: Translation issue

Version 2.2.0 // 2023-06-21
-Fixed: In all reviews ‘In Response To’ field is blank for custom post type
-Fixed: The review content showing empty on frontend
-Fixed: Review summary input field issue

Version 2.1.0 // 2023-03-27
-Improved: Security, WP Nonce, and sanitization.

Version 2.0.3 // 2022-12-20
-Tweaked: Alert message

Version 2.0.2 // 2022-08-23
-Fixed: Rating counter shortcode issue
-Fixed: Reviewer language broken issue
-Fixed: Minor UI issue

Version 2.0.1 // 2022-04-19
– Fixed: Meta box content issue.
– Fixed: Settings page’s alignment & Tooltip issues.
– Tweaked: JS & CSS.

Version 2.0.0 // 2021-11-25
– Updated: Review Graph Style UI with Thumbnail in Setting Page and Post Edit Page
– Updated: Review Score Input Style UI with Thumbnail in Setting Page and Post Edit Page
– Added: Product and Post/Page criteria settings page

Version 1.4.3 // 2021-08-31
– Fix: The email field can not be disabled issue is fixed
– Fix: rating percentage issue
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved
– Compatibility: compatible with WordPress 5.8
– Compatibility: compatible with PHP 8

Version 1.4.2
– Fix: missing pot file added

Version 1.4.1
– Fix: review form not coming using shortcode issue resolved
– Fix: language file added

Version 1.4.0
– Added: Global option “Enable user review” to turn off/on user review form
– Added: Global option “Enable author review” to turn off/on author review
– Fix: mobile responsive issue
– Tweak: Pie chart design improved
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved

Version 1.3.0
– Added: Global option “Overview average rating text” added for changing the word SUPERB!
– Added: Global option added for showing the “overview average rating text” if the rating is grater than or equal the given value
– Fix: Typo is correct
– Tweak: CSS and JS improved

Version 1.2.2
– Fix: Custom post types can be selected from settings

CSS and JS Improvement

UI Design Improved

Update heading tag
Added condition in hook

Removed ID
Updated review data
Fixed Review post

CPT Updated
Editor support


  • initial release